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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kindle and Nook Editions of "Came A Stranger"

Original Paperback

Slowly but surely I'm releasing my backlist as ebook editions. In the spring Desire's Treasure came out and now I have Came A Stranger available for all you Kindle and Nook readers. Came A Stranger was one of my most popular western romances and received several awards and five-star reviews. It was the winner of Affaire de Coeur Reader’s Choice Award for “Outstanding Hero," and it was a finalist in their "Best American Historical" and "Best Overall Historical" categories. You can find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both the ebook and paperback editions.

Seth Sackett is a necessary evil, and Maggie Cayton despises him even before she sets eyes on him. But he’s the hired gun who can prevent Big Ben Tate from forcing her and her children off the White Raven Ranch, and her opinion of him can be put aside long enough to accomplish her goal.

For twenty years, ever since she was a young woman of seventeen, Maggie worked alongside her husband to build the White Raven Ranch out of the wild, untamed wilderness of Wyoming. Then suddenly her husband is dead, and she suspects the bullet was bought and paid for by wealthy rancher and neighbor, Big Ben Tate. Facing the full responsibility of the ranch, her children, and her aging mother, Maggie is encouraged by many friends to sell out. But she’s fought too many odds and too many battles with man and nature to give up without a fight. She’s also experienced enough to know she can’t go up against Tate alone.

As Sackett tries to resolve the war between her and Tate, Maggie discovers that Sackett is not what she expected a hired gun to be. He’s more than a loner, a man whose presence casts a dark shadow of dread and danger. He’s a man with a quiet charisma who readily establishes a position of authority with the ranch hands and gains respect in the hearts of every member of her family. She has every intention of ignoring his blatant sexual advances, but she soon finds herself giving into the traitorous desire he so easily evokes.

What Maggie doesn’t know is that Seth lives in a private hell of memories and harbors a bitter secret that haunts him day and night. He has come to save the White Raven Ranch and protect its inhabitants, but his sojourn there will be one of enlightenment. As he falls in love with the indomitable Maggie, he dares to dream for things he never believed himself worthy of having. But the only chance he has of seeing those dreams come true is to reveal to Maggie the darkness of his past and risk losing the only love he’s ever known. 

ebook edition
“An action-packed, sensual page-turner. Came A Stranger is impossible to forget.” Affaire de Coeur

“A truly enjoyable read [with] endearing characters from beginning to end. Ms. Sandifer has the unique ability to look within the human spirit. An engaging talent that draws the reader in.” The Literary Times

“Powerful, sensual and delightful. The characters are unforgettable.” Romantic Times

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