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Friday, January 6, 2012

Publishing Changes in Our Future

With the tremendous success of ebooks and the closure of many bookstores around the country, everyone in the publishing industry has had some new challenges to face. For those of us who have been in the industry for twenty or thirty years, the changes might be harder to get our minds around. Things simply aren't the way they used to be, from submitting your work, to selling it, to marketing it. It's a whole new way of doing business and things are changing so rapidly it can be rather daunting for those of us used to doing things the old way. But there's a lot of information out there if you can find the time to weed through it. Here's an article and a site that has a lot of good information and might be of interest to many of you, both new writers and seasoned. "Five Big Publishing Stories of 2011" at Digital World.


Nilu said...

Linda, I absolutely LOVE your blog!!!!!

Cannot wait to read more of what you write....

Linda Sandifer said...

Nilu, I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks for reading!

deepakw3c said...

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M. J. Macie said...

I just found your blog and like it very much. I clicked the link to the article and found it fascinating. Thanks for the heads up. I look forward to reading more of your posts.
M.J. Macie