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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Unplug Week & Other Stuff

I'm following B. J. Anderson's wonderful idea for "unplug week." Interested? Check out her blogspot under my favorite links.

I also found a great piece of advice from western writer, Louis L'Amour, about writing what the times, the editors, and the readers dictate. He says, "What few realize is that no writer is free to write exactly as he might wish. He is guided, to a great extent, by the tastes of readers and by the choices of editors. Of course, one can write whatever one wishes, but unless it conforms to the tastes of the public at the time, it will stay right on the author's shelf."

How many of you have found this to be true in your own writing? I certainly have.


avril said...

I do think there is truth here, which we ignore at our peril. My second novel is about a woman in prison (I worked in a womens prison for many years)and so far it has not found favour with publishers.I know that some of this is due to their belief that readers do not want to read about prison unless it's like an episode from a soap opera.I think a big part of the problem is editors deciding what readers want - and thereby dictating taste.

Strange Fiction said...

I’ve been unplugged this week as well—B.J. Anderson had a tremendous idea—and it’s been a productive writing week for me.

Great Louis L’Amour quote and so true. Sell to the masses and eat with the classes or sell to the classes and eat with the masses.

Linda Sandifer said...

How true that editors seem to pick what we all will read. I sometimes wonder if that is why the book industry seems to be in trouble.