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Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Gotta Be Hardy to Live Out Here

Seriously, enough already. It's April 16th and I still have drifts in my back yard (that's snowdrifts for those of you below the Mason-Dixon line). And, believe it or not, but I had a fire in my fireplace yesterday. The furnace went out so I didn't have much choice. A fireplace is something you just don't want to NOT have when you live at the 5800 foot level. Of course a fireplace doesn't even help when winter drags on so long that you run out of wood.

I looked out the French door about a week ago, despairing that winter would never end when I spotted a patch of little yellow and purple crocuses struggling through the cold soil next to the house. My heart fluttered for just a moment while a little prayer went out that the frost wouldn't kill their fragile buds. The crocus face the south, so they get what little sun manages to slip through a crack in the clouds. (The poor plants on the north side of the house think it's still December.)

But the sandhill cranes came home several weeks ago, and today I saw that my brave tulips were forging upward (through the snow). Bless their hearts, they do this every year and almost every year get their heads frosted and stunted. I really wish they would just cool it another week or two and stay underground where it's safer. Maybe they're just as anxious for spring as I am. But the robins made a comeback and the trees are filled with blackbirds just singing up a storm. Hmm, maybe I should blame this snow on them.

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B.J. Anderson said...

Holy cow! That makes me shiver just looking at them. And a fire in April? Wow. Too cold for me. Hang in there. Summer will come.