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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Judging the WILLA

I'm excited to have been asked to be a judge for the 2008 WILLA Literary Awards. The WILLA, named in honor of author Willa Cather, is a nationally recognized annual award given to writers for books set in the American West with a woman/girl as the main character. Women Writing the West, a non-profit association of writers, underwrites and presents the award. The categories are contemporary fiction, historical fiction, original softcover fiction, creative nonfiction, scholarly nonfiction, poetry, and children's/young adult fiction and nonfiction. I'll be judging the original softcover category. Can't wait.


asabourova said...

That's awesome! You didn't tell me. I'm very excited for you. What a privilege!

B.J. Anderson said...

This is so great! What an honor. Can't wait to hear how it all turns out.

Anonymous said...

Whooo! I didn't know that! That's pretty rad, mom! :)